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Welcome to hypnotherapy supplies.com the one-stop shop for an effective and sustainable hypnotherapy practice. We only launched less than a month ago, halfway through August 2017 and already we are generating a fairly high number of organic search traffic.

I like to take this opportunity to tell you how hypnotherapy supplies came about. As a practising hypnotherapist, and successful hypnotherapist I am continually seeking to improve my professional practice. I wanted to look at what was out there? What was available to me as a therapist? I found the hypno-com and Bio-monitor and started to use them. Then I decided to use scented candles and background music and of course every little bit helps towards an effective session. The new hypnotherapist has very little information of where to start gathering tools and techniques and infrastructure. At this point I knew that I had to help other hypnotherapists, therapists, counsellors and coaches. My aim is to help every hypnotherapist build sustainable businesses.

As this site grows there will be special offers, newsletters, and a growing number of affiliated organisations, discounts and advice/training/CPD.

Welcome once again and I hope you enjoy the site, do bookmark it and keep visiting for all the very latest up-to-date news and offers.

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