Attract and bring Positivity into your life - an MP3

Attract and bring Positivity into your life - an MP3

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I know what it is like to feel down and believe that everything is negative and that 'everything always goes wrong for me'.  I believe that negativity attracts negativity! The good news is that I believe that positivity attracts positivity - seriously give it a go, you can become positive and attract the positive energy just like so many others before you. 

I created this subliminal MP3 to help you develop a new way of thinking.  A positive way of thinking so that you can attract positive things into your life. You will download a 20 minute subliminal MP3 recording.  This means that the positive suggestions are below the music and in the 'just audible' range.  The subconscious mind will listen and be fully aware.  

I would recommend using headphones for the best effects - listen twice a day to really notice positive thoughts manifesting! 

Do not listen to the track while doing anything that needs your attention. The best way to listen is before sleep and after waking - always set an alarm if you need to be doing anything afterwards - set the alarm for 25 minutes.

Please enjoy the peace, the music and the positive effects it can bring.