Payment Card Reader - iZettle


Welcome To The New Way Of Paying  

Whether your business occupies a practice therapy room, a coffee shop or even if you're working/visiting the client's work place, your iZettle Reader allows you to take card and contact-less payments, quickly, and easily.  The card reader is compact and is easily transported around.  One of the best things about izettle is the amazing battery life. The company claim 8 hours use; however, one charge seems to last forever! 

There are no setup fees and iZettle is absolutely transparent in their pricing. With their fast deposits into your account, getting paid quickly is now easier than ever. You simply pair it with your smartphone or tablet in seconds – and you will never miss out on a sale again. iZettle takes all forms of payment cards including Apple, Android and Samsung pay.

You may also wish to kit out your office or reception with accessories that put your business on a par with the big players. The iZettle Dock is the place to start, the ultimate partner for your new iZettle Reader. Add a receipt printers, a cash drawer or perhaps barcode scanners.  You need to take payments in the way that works best for your growing business.

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iZettle Payment Solutions