The Force of Suggestion: part 2 - Changing Perceptions.

The Force of Suggestion: part 2 - Changing Perceptions.

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Author: The Rogue Hypnotist

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 184

Release Date: 24-02-2019

Details: The Force of Suggestion part 2: Changing Perceptions!

Part 1: Foundations, Part 3: Trojan Horses available now!

Part 2 of the Force of Suggestion trilogy is here! Are you ready to start seriously CHANGING PERCEPTIONS invisibly and effortlessly, with just your words and behaviour? Part 1 FOUNDATIONS taught you the core basics: in part 2 you are going to learn all you need to know about attitudes, social judgement, and the unstoppable language of change! Once you know 1. What an attitude really is. 2. How humans form attitudes. 3. How humans make decisions. 4. How to shift attitudes and get people to make new decisions, whether they want to or not, the rest is child’s play!!! You can do all of this without any overt hypnosis at all. Take your knowledge of the iron laws of suggestion to the next level! To create masterclass level suggestions, you need to know how to CHANGE PERCEPTIONS, and you’re in just the right place to learn, fast and easy. Grab the mind-transformation secrets located within.

For newbies: the Rogue Hypnotist was a highly successful NLP Master Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist working in London, UK – he cured 99% of his clients in just 1 session. He has written 10 internationally bestselling books on hypnosis including the and hit ‘How to hypnotise anyone!’. He pioneered the study of Cultural Hypnosis and Weirdnosis. Now he is a successful full time writer! A hypnotic consultant if you will, working for you. Are there almost magical formulas for creating suggestions so shockingly powerful that few can resist? The answer, for good or bad is yes, and this is only book 2!!! Dive in!

In this suggestion secrets sequel you’ll MASTER:

1. The structure and function of attitudes.
2. People’s unconscious preferred languaging bias.
3. What the authoritarian personality really is and how to hijack it.
4. The digestion and injection models of suggestion.
5. How

Languages: English