Overcoming Sleeplessness - MP3

Overcoming Sleeplessness - MP3

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If you have trouble sleeping, this 30 minute subliminal MP3 can help you to drift off to another world and experience a deep state of sleep.

The track starts with a 5 minute guided relaxation where you will feel, and allow, the music take you before you imagine and create your own perfect scenario before then experiencing an arctic blizzard. 

I created this to help everyone to have a good night's sleep - I love the sound of the arctic wind and often use it myself to drift into some of the deepest sleeps I have ever had. So, coupled with subliminal relaxation and sleep commands - my aim is to allow everyone to simply drift off and experience amazing sleep!

Please do enjoy, 

Dr Iain Lightfoot


Thanks to Carlos Ebert 'sleeping beauty' published under creative commons from flickr.com