LUMEN: Hack your metabolism to enhance fat burn, lose weight and naturally boost energy

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The Lumen device, previously only available to top athletes and hospitals, is now available to everyone. Do you want to reduce your weight naturally and feel a greater energy boost? Do you want to increase health and longevity? 
1,000,000 Breaths
This device is the world's first hand held, portable flow meter and CO2 sensor which accurately measures your metabolism. The device indicates the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy - metabolic flexibility.
Metabolic Flexibility
The body switches between fat and Carbohydrates based on their availability...  Understanding metabolic flexibility can lead to a range of benefits:
  • Better health
  • Easier weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Optimised workouts
  • Build lean mass
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved weight maintenance 
  • Consistent blood glucose level
  • Feeling energised not sluggish


Lumen provides information which helps you to achieve Metabolic Flexibility - the hand-held device and App - The App provides guidance on what to do with this new information - from Workouts to nutrition.