Hypno-Com 6 - THE Hypnosis Accessory

  • £325.00
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Welcome to the Hypno-Com!

About 3 years ago, I was looking for a device that would allow me to stream some relaxing music, biurnal beats and both mixed in with my voice and which cancelled out the traffic noise. I found a few suitable options but it was the hypno-com that I went for.  

The device excels at what it does - there are 2 channels to stream into the ears along with an output (should you wish to record the session) then the voice is added on top - from therapist and client if required i.e. for regression etc. 

A year ago, I thought that mine was on the blink so bought another and sent it to the manufacturer - they serviced and checked, and sent it back in A1 condition with no faults found - I realised that I had swapped the headphones and it was my fault. Either way I personally have two units just in case one goes - I would NOT be without this equipment, I think that it is THE leading hypnosis aND hypnotherapy tool and accessory which will take your practise to the next level. Honestly, with this unit there is no training needed

There may be others out there, but none like this! The Hypno-Com kit includes full wiring, mains adaptor and 2 sets of quality headphones/microphones.


Contact me with any questions that you have - you will only wonder why you hadn't bought one sooner. 

Dr Iain Lightfoot