Hypnotherapy Bio-Feedback Monitor - Monitor Depth of Hypnosis

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Are you looking for that special piece of equipment to complement your practice?   Perhaps you have the Hypno-Com and are seeking an addition?

The Bio-Mon is an effective accompaniment to the Hypno-Com. This device has really stood the test of time and is now in its 15 year of production. Constant upgrade has kept this tool at the cutting edge of technology.

This monitor is extremely simple to use, yet as a sophisticated piece of kit it certainly deserves its reputation as the UK’s No.1 market leader within the hypnotherapy profession.

Before the bio-mon, a hypnotherapist would have to gauge a client's level and depth of trance - now - you can see when to be comfortable about starting therapy.  This means that sessions can be more efficient and effective. 

The Bio-Mon's name is actually a Galvanic Skin Response monitor (GSR).  It measures the electrical properties of the skin. By monitoring the conductivity of the skin whilst a client is in hypnosis.  The more relaxed a client the less moisture is on the surface of the skin and therefore the greater resistance - this current level is inverted - and given a reading which the hypnotherapist can monitor i.e. 0-100 (100 being the most aware or state of stress).

This GSR / Bio-mon is said to be the most used method of emotional response in research due to the ease at which a reading and understanding of the client (patient/participant).  The voltage and current is so low it is not noticeable and completely safe.

If you would like to purchase a hypnotherapy bio-monitor galvanic skin response monitor - then this is, I believe, the best one on the market today.  No technical equipment training is needed and it can be used straight away in the hypnotherapy session out of the box. 

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