Crafting hypnotic spells! - Casebook confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

Crafting hypnotic spells! - Casebook confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

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Author: The Rogue Hypnotist

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 824

Release Date: 07-09-2014

Details: The long awaited book 6, ‘Crafting hypnotic spells!’ in the Rogue Hypnotist series is finally here! All great hypnotists need a word-horde, a spell book to aid them in their efforts! After all what are you going to do once your subject/client etc. is hypnotised? I mean at an advanced level! The Rogue Hypnotist's system of hypnosis is taken a step further so that you can learn his method of crafting hypnotic suggestions which he calls – ‘Directly Indirect’! Case book transcripts of ‘factional’ hypnotherapy client sessions will show you what the real work in the trenches is like and more! You will learn…
1. How to cure a broken heart, a false teeth phobia, marijuana + smoking addiction, weight loss that works and urinary incontinence! Full copyright free scripts provided!
2. The winner’s way to do ‘erotic hypnosis’ and avoid weird potential dangers!
3. The way to market appeals to youth, women and men!
4. The authoritarian hypnotic secrets of Dr. George Estabrooks!
5. The magical yet flexible structure of ANY successful hypnotic session!
6. The power of being able to dissociate and associate clients/subjects at will!
7. Advanced level symbology work with multiple applications: ‘SSC’ – ‘Symbolic Subconscious Communications’!
8. You will easily master advanced level hypnotic utilisation for inductions, therapy and beyond! Exciting never before seen scripts provided!
9. 10 + ways to fend off unwanted persuasion that actually work!
10. Tips on how to start a successful hypnotherapy business on a zero-based budget!
11. Learn how to create ‘hypnotic robots’! And avoid becoming one!!!
12. Hypnosis in religion exposed!
13. Learn the secrets of hypnotic happiness! Generate it in others!
14. Mastery level sports hypnosis gems!
15. Create powerful ‘pleasure spells’ that will spark ‘blissnosis’ in the miserable and make all women orgasm on command!
16. Learn mastery level hypnotic cold reading sk

Languages: English