Quit Smoking MP3 - The Stop Smoking Program

Quit Smoking MP3 - The Stop Smoking Program

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This powerful MP3 is a 30 minute twice daily self-hypnosis treatment to assist you in your journey to quitting smoking forever.

The recording can be used to help you quit smoking with its powerful direct suggestion both audible and subliminal messaging whilst also being powerful in its versatility in its fulfilment of a number of roles:

*  To prepare your subconscious mind for quitting smoking with hypnotherapy

*  To help you in those early days of having stopped smoking with hypnotherapy

*  To support you in those days after you have stopped smoking and need some support from the hypnotherapist and to reinforce the message to the sub-conscious that you have now quit for good 

Smoking cessation doesn't have to be difficult nor a challenge. I am calling this MP3 the Cessation Agent Provocateur due the way that it works and the power of having this MP3 on your side supporting you. 

For more information on quitting smoking with hypnosis please follow the link:


I really am very pleased to offer this MP3 to you - I believe that it is THE product to assist in your journey in to quitting smoking but also to help prepare you if you are quitting with hypnotherapy. 

Best wishes for your healthier future, 

Dr Iain Lightfoot