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Time to write my first real blog for Hypnotherapy-Supplies.com the one-stop-shop for hypnotherapy supplies. The great thing about my site is that all the products are those which I fully recommend to everyone.  The first that I would like to provide some comment on is the WriteUpp software. 

WriteUpp is a client management and record keeping system from the team that know what they are talking about. I found the software solution some time ago when I was looking to produce the exact same package, necessity is the mother of invention of course. When you start to get busier as a therapist, it gets harder to organise your time; harder to keep accurate records and to ensure that everyone is contacted when you have said you would – I think that it is called ‘not dropping any balls’ and for sure, you will at some stage if you haven’t already, I know that I have.  When you realise that you have lost the time factor or upset a client, it’s not good enough and you feel it inside.

In my mind, I knew that simply keeping a diary wasn’t enough – I wanted, no needed, a way to ensure that I had everything in one place; contact details, task list, diary, records, notes and also a way to contact my clients to remind them of the appointments that they’ve booked. WriteUpp has all this functionality and more.

I have tried a number of ways to organise myself over the years. MS Excel for client lists and actions… page to view diary… Google calendar… and you know that everything being in different places just simply is arduous.  I mean, to continually flick between them, well, access them via the cloud and then to interact with the different packages is not great to be honest, you can see the issues that I faced. No more! By switching to WriteUpp – everything is accessible in one location.  No more cloud, no more messing about with multiple pages and packages – one application in one place - if you are away from the internet then you are covered by an App!

Now, I wouldn’t use anything else – the team are adding more functionality all the time, the price offers value for money and I personally think that it will pay for itself in terms of not missing client follow ups.

In the next few weeks and months I will be blogging about certain areas of functionality and explaining the benefits and also pointing out areas where improvements could be made – Bob and his team are always happy and content to get feedback – the package is user friendly and has immediate impact on your practice.

Oh, did I tell you – the price for this package is remarkable at only £14.95 per month – a little more with text/sms reminders.  So, you are getting a complete record keeping and management system for next to no money – it’s the best investment your company will make in terms of infrastructure upgrade.  If you use an ipad as a business tool – you are creating one powerful combination. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial – you won’t want to leave the package once you see how powerful it really is.  I thoroughly recommend it to any therapist, coach or counsellor, psychotherapist, health practitioner or other talking therapist

Anyways, time to go. Hope that I have whet your appetite for some more information about WriteUpp in due course. 

Best wishes,


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